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When I decided to launch my business, I got asked over and over again why did I become a VA? Today I want to share my story in hopes that it will inspire and give some insight to others on how I quit the rat race.

I have always been a very independent person and entrepreneurial even as a young child. I remember being 7 or 8 going door to door to my neighbor’s house. I would try to sell them tadpoles I caught from the neighborhood lake for a quarter each. That was just one of my early ventures. Others included selling my old books ( I am a bookworm so I had TONS!), finding clothes no one wanted anymore and setting up a trade day for a membership fee, buying candy and gum in bulk and selling it on the bus as individual pieces, the classic lemonade stand, baking cookies and cupcakes, trading old toy bundles for a small profit. By the time I was 13 I had dozens of “businesses” under my belt. My first “official” job was when I was 14. It was after school part-time selling candy and candles for a nonprofit door to door. At 16 I took my first w2 position being hostess at a Chinese restaurant at a shopping center in Miami.

Fast forward a few years later into my adult life.

I was never fully satisfied with my “jobs”. I was always in search of something more and filling the “missing piece” in my professional life.  I held important positions in the companies I worked for and was successful in the but still, something wasn’t right. Something was still missing. I remember one day getting called into work on my day off. My son became really upset to the point of tears. When I asked him why he was crying, his response shook me.“You are ALWAYS working Mom, I just wanted to spend time with you today”. That one statement put my entire life into perspective and showed me what the missing piece I was searching for was.

I realized I didn’t want to continue doing this to my son.

That my life like most of the American population, consisted of waking up, getting my son and myself ready for work and school, dropping him off, commuting sometimes more than 45 mins, going to work & doing a job that didn’t satisfy me for 8-12 hours a day, leaving work, commuting again for 45 mins to pick up my son who essentially was being raised by other people, getting home, helping with homework, making sure dinner was cooked and chores are done, spending maybe an hour or 2 with my family then it was off to bed to do it all over the next day. Weekends consisted of running around town taking care of errands that there was no time for during the week.  I was tired of the rat race! I wanted more out of my life for myself and family.

I started looking for work at home jobs to spend more time with my family.

I mostly came across call center positions that didn’t pay too well. I tried a couple of those in order to continue to bring a source of income but I was still not satisfied. The “missing piece” was getting smaller but it wasn’t whole just yet. I started doing research on positions that would showcase my professional skills. I ran into the Virtual Assisting industry at that point. It immediately made sense to me. It would allow me to help others live the lives they want so they no longer had to be part of the rat race. It also would provide the ability to spend real quality time with my family and bring home and income? It was PERFECT!

I decided this was it. Virtual assisting was the perfect fit for me.

I got busy doing research and getting things in motion to start my own business. I am finally completely satisfied with my professional life and no longer search for “the missing piece”. What’s better than helping others join me in breaking the cycle of the rat race? Not much in my eyes.

Life is meant to be lived. We are meant to have experiences, good and bad ones, but it is not meant to be spent behind a desk unfulfilled just to pay bills and die. It is extremely too short to not “LIVE”.

Tell me, what made you start your business? I would absolutely love to hear your story!