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Lets talk productivity


Everyone has heard the terms “productive and productivity”. Whenever we think of productivity, we think of ways to produce results. Productivity is a term that can be applied to all aspects of our lives. We can always be more productive in our business and personal lives, but what do these terms really mean and how do we become more productive?

What is productivity?

Productivity according to Wikipedia is defined as: “Various measures of the efficiency of production. A productivity measure is expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in a production process, i.e. output per unit of input.”To the average person, it means being able to make results come to life. The simplest way of explaining productivity is completing a task and giving results from said task.

Becoming more productive will allow you to also become more efficient in your consulting business and for your clients.

Productivity not only shines a good light on you and your business, it also helps free up some of your time as well. For example, as business consultants, being productive could mean getting clients’ processes streamlined and helping them become for efficient in order to gain more clients in their businesses. I don’t know a single person that couldn’t and/or wouldn’t use some more free time! How would you use your extra time? Would you go on vacations with your family and friends, take a spa day, read a book or have some much needed “me” time?What about getting back to the hobbies you love but no longer have time for? Maybe you plan or host events get-togethers or attending more networking events to bring on some more clients and revenue?

The importance of productivity.

Why does productivity in your business even matter? In this day and age, if you’re not running a productive business, you might as well kiss it goodbye! Would you allow a lawyer represent you if he was always late, took forever to get deadline documents back to you, had typos all over those documents, didn’t show up to court in your place? What if they showed up to meetings with their hair unkempt, wrinkled and stained clothing No, of course, you wouldn’t! Not only do they come off as unprofessional and disorganized, they also look like they aren’t a good fit to help with your needs and come off as untrustworthy.

What does productivity showcase?

  • It facilitates communication between members of your business.
  • Helps the image of the organization with clients and with external funding sources.
  • Shows others that your business is a well put together, organized, reputable and professional organization.


How do you become more productive as a business consultant and business owner?

The answer is simple and I have provided 30 productivity hacks for you here! Take a look below for 10 of them.

  1. Make “You” a priority. Self-care is essential for life and productivity. Once a week schedule some time to assess how you are feeling and make plans to remedy any negative emotions that may be lingering. Meditate, listen to motivational videos or podcasts or have a spa day to help reset your mindset.
  2. Build up your energy. To help you get your energy levels up, take a moment every morning to write down your purpose, or the why behind your current pursuit. Put it up somewhere that you will constantly be seeing it.
  3. Listen to Lyric free music. Music with lyrics can actually be distracting. Choose instrumentals or white noise which help boost productivity instead.
  4. Change your scenery. Working from a different place at least once per week increases your creativity.
  5. Implement project-management tools. Even if you have a small space or an open-office environment, project-management tools can help you and your employees save valuable time. In most cases, your team members must walk to a colleague’s desk to discuss tasks and issues related to projects. These back-and-forth conversations can be a huge waste of time.
  6. Use gamification. Gamification is a highly effective strategy that promotes productivity and efficiency. It began as a trend, but gamification now helps improve many businesses and enterprises. Even big brands such as Microsoft use gamification to increase the productivity of call-center agents.
  7. Embrace automation. Multitasking is a bad habit that can lead only to procrastination and incomplete projects. According to Wrike, 40 percent of productivity is lost when employees must switch between different tasks. Check out Zapier. It is an amazing tool for automation!
  8. Digitize as many things as you can and store your important documents in the cloud.
  9. Know when to delegate and outsource. Learn which tasks can be handled by other. Once you split up the work, delegate or outsource quickly so people can get started on their to-do lists.
  10. Switch to remote teams and hire Virtual Assistants. Many startups and online businesses are abandoning the office environment to use remote teams and virtual assistants (VA’s). The benefits are insurmountable. VAs can drive business growth, decrease operational costs, reduce your workload, free up your time to focus on core operations, improve your online presence and more! Buffer, Edgar, Zapier, and Groove are among the many companies that run on fully remote teams. It’s more than just a trend.

What are some other things you can do to become more productive? I would love to hear them and add them to my personal list!