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22 ways to find clients on social media and the internet

One of the biggest questions coaches have is “Where do I find clients?” There are so many ways online to search for and get new clients that it’s unbelievable. Today I’ll show you a few things that will help solve this age long question we all have as business owners.


Narrow down your ideal client.

The absolute very first thing you need to do is narrow down who your ideal client is. I cannot stress this enough!!!!!! (Yes, I added the extra exclamation point on purpose) Often times we think “Well I want to help everybody.” That is definitely not the way to go about it. Not narrowing down your target client will cause so much confusion, overwhelm and stress that you’re likely to resent your business. Being a business owner should be fun and exciting, not a burden.

I often get asked “How do I know who my ideal client is?” or “How can I find out who I want to work with?” I always say imagine you are an author and you are describing a character (your ideal client) to the reader of your book.


Who is this person?

Take some time to figure out who you want to work with. Get out a notebook and write down as many characteristics of this person possible. Remember, you are creating a character who you want to bring to life.

What traits do they have? How old are they? Are they male/female, do they have children? What industry do they work in? How much money do they make and where do they live? Does your ideal client prefer dogs or cats, or maybe they don’t like animals? What is their name? What do they do for fun and what is their personality? You get the point.

Be as specific as possible.
The goal of the exercise is to create a complete vision of your ideal client. Whoever you describe them to should be able to picture them and their life as an actual person or character in your book.

Now that we have that covered, on to the fun part.


Here’s a list of 22 ways you can acquire new clients using social media and the internet.


  1. Post on social media platforms and ask others to share
  2. Ask for introductions on LinkedIn
  3. Ask for testimonials/reviews you can add to your website and social media platforms
  4. Run a FB Ad campaign targeted to your ideal client
  5. Network in Facebook Groups
  6. Network on LinkedIn
  7. Create a chatbot
  8. Hire a VA for Lead Generation
  9. Buy leads
  10. Go live on Facebook and talk about your services.
  11. Advertise your coaching business in business advertising groups
  12. Optimize your social media profiles
  13. Advertise on the internet
  14. Get an SEO strategy
  15. Browse online job boards
  16. Create an online Freebie and grow your email list
  17. Create an Ad on classified sites
  18. Capture leads from your website
  19. Send an email to your family & friends and ask them to forward to their family & friends
  20. Ask other service providers to backlink your site on theirs
  21. Offer a social media only special
  22. Grow your social media following


What other ways have you found clients online that I haven’t mentioned? Drop your comments below.